How fast time passes at the FNEC. March is here already! Once again, many events held our attention in recent weeks.

The Chiefs Committee met to agree on policy and strategic issues it will raise with federal and provincial ministers. Meanwhile, the provincial government’s insistence on perpetuating the colonial straitjacket on education is worrying. Through the representations we are making to the UN Special Rapporteur, we aim to expose the institutional barriers set up by the provincial government.

Our efforts to exercise full control over the Regional Education Agreement continue. For example, in February, the FNEC invited school principals and support staff to a conference on complementary services, with the theme “All Engaged for Student Wellness,” to discuss, learn and exchange practices and projects that promote student wellness.

On behalf of the entire FNEC team, I wish you an excellent reading week and a good break!

University Centre of Excellence

On December 12th, Université Laval and the FNEC signed a partnership agreement, sealing the plans for a university centre of excellence. One of the objectives of the agreement is to fund the development of a business plan to guide the vision of sustainable university education by and for First Nations. The plan, which will be submitted to the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur (MES), will focus on the holistic approach to education outlined in the FNEC’s 2021–2026 Strategic Plan, whose goal is to ensure a lifelong learning continuum. The project will take inspiration from the values, language and culture of FNEC members.
The university centre of excellence, or House of Knowledge, will have a majority Indigenous governance focused on meeting the needs of First Peoples in the fields of education and research, and ensuring the development of content that recognizes Indigenous knowledge and knowledge. The centre’s role will be to conceptualize a model of university education specific to First Peoples.
In 2023, the FNEC will launch a consultation to establish a collaborative approach with all academic institutions, as well as various committees to manage and oversee the project’s development. The submission of the business plan to MES is scheduled for 2025.

Provincial political landscape.... Read

Meeting with the Université du Québec planning commission

On January 25th, the FNEC met with the Université du Québec’s planning commission to explain its vision of the project and the mission that the member communities wish to give to our university. The directors of the institutions of the Université du Québec network expressed their support and confirmed their participation in the project. In addition, the director and FNEC representatives discussed the type of partnership they wish to establish to set up this inclusive university pathway.

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Round Table on Education Success
Culture and Citizenship in Quebec Program
In mid-February, our First Nations Content and Educational Consultant, Brenda Whiteduck, took part in a first meeting on the Culture and Citizenship in Quebec program with the Ministry of Education. In addition to serving on the program review committee, the FNEC has mandated the participation of sub-committees responsible for developing First Nations-specific content. An annex will be developed to outline the course content.

The FNEC will also ensure that it plays an active role in the work surrounding the initial training and continuing education for teachers.
First Nations Perspectives Portal
The work started with La Boîte Rouge VIF and CREO is continuing. The needs analysis has been completed, and the committee is now looking at the content tree and different usage scenarios. The dynamism of its members, combined with their vision, offers a glimpse into this one-of-a-kind project. Stay tuned for more!


Parental Involvement Week in Education: Ideas for getting involved in your child's educational journey!
Stay tuned from May 28 to June 3, 2023 to participate in activities and register for the contest!


The Games will take place from May 18th to 21st, 2023 at the Université Laval, Quebec City.
For more details, visit the Games website:
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