Time flies at the FNEC – it’s already March and the maple sap is flowing ! Once again, a calendar filled with notable events has kept us busy in recent weeks.  

We kicked off 2024 on a high note with the launch of Teaching Foundations in a First Nations Context for the very first English-language cohort. In February, in addition to holding our Annual General Assembly and Special General Assembly, the FNEC successfully organized our fourth education symposium at the anicinabe community Abitibiwinni (Pikogan). This was an excellent opportunity for teachers from our member communities to gather and take part in various workshops on best practices in a school environment.  

Work on implementing the Regional Education Agreement has been progressing at full throttle. As always, we continue to support our member communities and develop new strategies to improve student success. 

Lastly, I’d like to express my gratitude to our exceptional team at the FNEC.  

Everyone contributes enormously to advancing our projects. 

Thanks for having a look at the latest news from the FNEC.
Happy reading!  


FNEC General Assembly – February 14, 2024 

On February 14, the FNEC welcomed member community representatives to the Manoir Saint-Sauveur for its annual general assembly. A total of 20 representatives gathered for the event. Topics of discussion at the meeting included the work of the Regional Education Agreement, post-secondary education, language teaching, and government relations. 

Special General Assembly – February 15, 2024 

On February 15, the FNEC's Special General Meeting was held at the Manoir Saint-Saveur. Elected officials had the opportunity to learn more about FNEC files concerning lifelong education, including the Regional Education Agreement, the Kiuna Institution and the House of Knowledge. Elected officials also had the opportunity to exchange views with various FNEC teams during discussion sessions on school infrastructures and post-secondary studies. Thanks to the participation and commitment of elected officials from FNEC member communities, four resolutions were adopted unanimously. 

FNEC Participation at the AFN Languages
and Learning Forum

The FNEC actively contributed to the Assembly of First Nations' Languages and Learning Forum entitled Exploring First Nations Education and Linguistic Connections, held in Calgary from February 27 to 29, 2024. The FNEC participated in a discussion group on regional education agreements with representatives from the Maskwacis Education Schools Commission and the Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council and led a workshop on the school infrastructure component of the FNEC's Regional Education Agreement. Finally, the FNEC held meetings with several First Nations education organizations concerning regional education agreements, school capital, and educational programs focused on, languages, cultures, and the land, among other things. 

Work on expanding the FNEC’s Regional Education Agreement 

On February 21, the FNEC held a meeting with Indigenous Services Canada. As provided for in the Regional Education Agreement, the purpose of this meeting was to make progress on the expansion of the current agreement. The FNEC was able to present the mandates adopted at the last Special General Assembly (February 15, 2024), including the study and analysis of an optional catchment area model for member communities. The FNEC was also able to agree on the next steps for expanding the Agreement and announced the appointment of Leonard Polson of Winneway as a representative for the participating First Nations on the Agreement's executive committee.  

Bill 47 

Following the tabling of Bill 47, An Act to reinforce the protection of students by Quebec’s Minister of Education, the FNEC worked to defend the well-being of students and the interests of its member communities. While the bill aims, among other things, to ensure that Quebec schools have access to information concerning behaviour by school staff that could jeopardize the physical and psychological safety of minor students, it does not consider the means required to inform First Nations education authorities. This lack of relevant information could have a negative impact on students in member communities. 

The FNEC has therefore proposed an amendment to the bill to ensure that provincial educational institutions share all relevant information in a timely manner with the educational services directorates of First Nations communities. This proposed amendment was analyzed during the detailed study of the bill on February 22, 2024. The FNEC expects to meet with the ministry of education representatives to discuss the application of the proposed amendment. 

House of Knowledge

On February 13th, the House of Knowledge project team met with postsecondary education officials from communities to discuss the needs of future university students.
In addition to the leaders from the FNEC’s 22 member communities, the team welcomed representatives from the Tshakapesh Institute, the Kativik Ilisarniliriniq administration and ITUM. The discussions helped draw an initial portrait of the needs and challenges of First Peoples in terms of university education, based on the viewpoints of the invited officials. The process will be rounded out with visits to the communities.
More to come in the coming weeks!

Education Symposium

On February 20 and 21, the 4th edition of the First Nations Education Symposium for FNEC member communities was held at Migwan School in Pikogan. In all, some sixty participants from 6 communities took part in the event.
It was an opportunity for community teaching staff to forge links and share best practices with preschool, elementary and secondary students. A total of 16 workshops were given by speakers from member schools, and participants also had the chance to hear psychologist Eva de Gosztonyi give a talk entitled Attachment Makes All the Difference, as well as Tom Mapachee, an elder from the Pikogan community, who spoke about his life and experience in the field of education.
The FNEC is proud to have coordinated this gathering and wishes to thank and congratulate the Migwan School staff for organizing this event!


20th edition of the School Perseverance Days

For the 20th edition of the School Perseverance Days from February 12th to 16th, the CEPN proposed two activities to schools in our communities, providing the necessary materials for their implementation (clothespins and coupons).

  • A ready-to-use workshop with clothespins allowed young people to pin words of encouragement to their friends' clothing, such as "Don't give up!" or "You can do it!"
  • A workshop on dreams and goals asked young people to write their dreams or career goals on a coupon, to be displayed in a strategic location in the school.

The FNEC offered virtual presentations on the various educational pathways in Quebec, as well as a vox pop entitled "The Voice of Students: Let's Shine Together!" These actions, though modest, were carried out to support and encourage the numerous initiatives already in place in our schools to promote school perseverance.
A big thank you to all who participated!

15th Annual LCEEQ Conference

The FNEC took immense pride in highlighting its support and active participation alongside the school leaders from Amo Ososwan School at the 15th Annual LCEEQ Conference held at the Palace Convention Centre in Laval, Quebec. Under the theme of "Embracing a Culture of Belonging," this conference provided a pivotal opportunity for English-speaking school leaders to deepen their professional development, foster collaboration, and expand their networks.
The conference emphasized the vital role of cultivating environments where individuals, be they students, teachers, or staff, feel a profound sense of belonging. Such an environment is not only conducive to student success but also paramount for the overall well-being of all members of the educational community.

The FNEC is already looking forward to next year's conference, which it recognizes as another opportunity to further empower school leaders in their mission to build highly effective schools
Photo: (L-R) Christopher Turnbull, FNEC School Administration Coordinator, Aprile Wabie, Vice Principal - Amo Ososwan School, Pamela Polson, Principal – Amo Ososwan School, Sheila Gedeon, FNEC Coordinator – Complementary Services, Language and Culture.
We are please to confirm that the FNEC Inter-School Games are back in 2024!

The Games will take place from May 23th to 26th, 2024 at the
Université Laval, Quebec City.
For more details, visit the Games website:
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