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Superior Court decision on school governance reform 

The anglophone community in Quebec won a battle against the Legault government. On August 2nd, the Quebec Superior Court ruled on the anglophone community’s appeal and concluded that abolishing school boards and replacing them with school service centres violates section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The contested sections would, in fact, be contrary to the fundamental rights and freedoms of the anglophone community. The communications and governmental services team will closely monitor the evolution of this file to apply this judgment to the application for judicial review of the Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec (Bill 96) filed by the AFNQL and the FNEC. 

Next meeting of the high-level committee with the  
Government of Quebec 

The Ministère de l’Éducation (Department of Education) and the FNEC have agreed to create a high-level committee to promote reconciliation and a better understanding of the issues of the First Nations signatories to the Regional agreement. This committee will bring together assistant deputy ministers and other managers from the ministries of education and higher learning. The two parties agreed to tackle associated issues related to the Regional agreement at this meeting, including school boundaries, innovative educational infrastructure as well as language and kindergarten programs. 

Letter from the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages to the Premier of Quebec  

We would like to sincerely thank the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages, Mr. Ronald E. Ignace, for having written to Premier Legault to re-emphasize the urgent need for special efforts and investments to ensure the revitalization of our languages and to achieve tangible progress to stop and reverse the ongoing erosion. The Commissioner also asked the Premier to work with Indigenous Peoples, community leaders and teachers in Quebec so that the goal of improving the quality of French does not adversely affect the protection of Indigenous languages. 

FNEC Participation at the General Assembly of the Assembly of First Nations (Halifax) 

The FNEC was an active participant at the general assembly of the 2023 Assembly of First Nations held on July 10-13, 2023 in Halifax. During the assembly, the FNEC participated in meetings on the National Indian Education Council (NIEC) and the Chiefs Committee on Education (CCOE) in addition to contributing to the AFNQL regional caucuses (by providing briefings and technical support to the grand chiefs, chiefs and regional chief), organizing technical meetings with counterpart organizations working in the field of education in Ontario, Yukon and British Columbia, supporting the chief in charge of education porfolio and collaborating in writing amendments to two resolutions on education.  

Additionally, the FNEC held meetings on various education-related topics with federal government representatives (including ministers, cabinet ministers, assistant deputy ministers, regional directors and senior leaders).  

The next AFN special general assembly will be held
on December 5-7 in Ottawa.  

“House of Knowledge” University Centre of Excellence 

To maximize the capacity of communities to meet the needs of the current and future student populations, it was imperative that we join together with Quebec’s universities to move toward an innovative and cooperative university model, the House of Knowledge. With this aim in mind, the first meeting of the steering committee was held in June 2023. Additional committees began their work this fall.  

The steering committee leads the implementation of the strategic vision. The committee must ensure that the project respects the strategic directions and vision established by member communities while taking into account the environmental and internal contexts of existing structures.  

The vision of the House of Knowledge, which is to be created by and for First Peoples in partnership with higher education institutions, is to be a key university player in Quebec that offers students a physical and digital space for flexible teaching, training, research, support and cultural security. 

2023-2024 Nominal Roll for the FNEC Member Schools 

The 2023‒2024 school year nominal roll will be produced on the last business day of September (which is September 28th). The official deadline to submit the 2023‒2024 nominal roll is October 15th. It is extremely important to meet this deadline so that FNEC data governance services can generate its annual update of the funding formula and communities can receive their funding confirmation from Indigenous Services Canada as quickly as possible.  

In order to ensure that the nominal roll deadlines are met, the CANO team will provide its annual training on the following two dates: 

  • September 26th at the Hôtel Le Concorde in Quebec City 

  • October 10th at the Manoir St-Sauveur in St-Sauveur 

The deadline to enroll for either training is September 20th. For more information on the training or to register, please contact Geneviève Nicolas at

For more information on the program, attend our information sessions:
  • November 1rst, 2023 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
  • December 6, 2023 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
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