First Nations Parental and Community Involvement

At the 19th First Nations Education Conference in 2009, parents expressed an interest in finding ways to improve parental involvement and support their children in school. Even though the FNEC has always assisted parents through initiatives conducted with schools, the communities present at the June 2013 general assembly agreed that parental and community involvement was a priority and that it should be an area developed as part of the First Nations education governance project. A working committee, made up of education experts from the FNEC and its member communities, was created with the mandate to study the subject and develop parental and community involvement standards which were approved by the Assembly in September 2014. As part of the effort to help the communities meet the parental and community involvement standards established through the First Nations education governance project, the FNEC launched the I’m Involved! campaign in June 2015, to raise awareness to parental and community involvement. The main objective of this campaign was to make parental and community involvement a priority in our communities by placing value on children, the role of parents, volunteering, school and the people who work there, as well as the different ways children learn.

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This Toolbox created by the FNEC for parental and community involvement will help you put your action plan in motion on a daily basis. It includes information, training workshops and ways to raise awareness that will add to your initiatives to create a welcoming and caring school climate that meets the needs of parents and their children and that respects their culture.