Data Governance Services

Data Governance

In addition to coordinating management of the organization’s data in the CANO Student Information System (SIS), the data governance department ensures the development, sustainability and success of the Regional Education Agreement (REA) and ensures the necessary human resources are available to member communities.

Mandates and responsibilities 

Regional Education Agreement:

  • Annual update of the funding formula for education BY and FOR First Nations
  • Design and negotiation of a reporting mechanism for the REA using performance indicators
  • Addition of new parameters to the REA, such as adult education and infrastructure

CANS Student Information System:

  • Collection, hosting and representation of educational data
  • Dissemination of information through different, accessible platforms (for representatives and parents, for example)
  • Training of CANO users
  • Technical support
  • Custom adaptation of CANO on request

Human Resources:

  • Promotion of education jobs to be filled in member communities at expos and job fairs
  • Coaching throughout the staffing process: employment opportunities, recruitment, review of job descriptions, selection of candidates and hiring
  • Human resources support services: human resources management policies, positioning employees on current public sector pay scales, compensation scenarios based on the funding generated by the REA, implementation of onboarding and professional integration measures for new employees

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