Governement Relations & Communication Services

Governement Relations & Communication Services

The Government Relations and Communication Services primary mandate is to support the general management department and provide it with strategic advice in the conduct of its national and regional political files, and its relations with governments, heads of the AFN and the AFNQL, the post-secondary educational institutions and the member communities of the FNEC. The team also designs effective communication tools to promote the FNEC and its member communities and ensure their outreach at the community, regional, provincial and national levels.

Government Relations and Communications Services has four areas of focus:

Mandates and responsibilities 

Communication Services:

  • Promotion of schools and the FNEC.
  • Managing the FNEC website and social media accounts.
  • Strategically advises and supports the FNEC in matters of communication.
  • Design of effective communication tools.
  • Press relations.
  • Internal and external communication.

Government Relations:

  • Intervention with First Nations governments as well as the various levels of
  • Ensures a strategic review of all government files that affect education.
  • Representation of member communities and defense of their interests with government authorities.
  • Drafting and presentation of opinions and memoirs.


Mandates and responsibilities 

Partnerships and External Relations:

  • Representation of the interests of member communities in matters of post- secondary education within various working groups.
  • Ensures the implementation of an effective and relevant cultural safety process for students with post-secondary education institutions.
  • Management of the Post-Secondary Partnerships Program.

Administrative Services:

  • Design and management of effective tools to optimize the internal functioning of the FNEC.
  • Ensures the translation and revision services of the FNEC.
  • Controls the quality of everything produced by the FNEC.

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