Inter-School Games

Sports and recreation policy

A study carried out by the FNEC in the beginning of the year 2000 revealed that the majority of its 22-member communities were without a sports and recreation policy, and that half of them had no programs of that kind in place.

The creation and organization of a major event

In response to this situation, the FNEC sought to encourage physical activity in young people and to positively influence their education and well-being by creating a regional sports event: The First Nations Education Council Inter-School Games (FNEC ISG). In organizing the Inter-School Games, the FNEC has three objectives:

  1. Promote healthy lifestyles;
  2. Encourage kids to stay in school;
  3. Foster academic success.

Since 2008, the Inter-School Games welcome hundreds of young people, parents and volunteers from First Nations communities across Quebec to take part in four major competitions: floor hockey, volleyball, basketball and track & field, representing nearly 150 competitions.

Motivational element

Schools take advantage of the enthusiasm this friendly competition generates to introduce incentives related to different aspects of school life, including attendance, behaviour, and academic performance. As such, this year-end gathering becomes a reward for students as well as a concrete measure to promote student retention and healthy lifestyle habits. The young athletes’ high level of preparation and their improved performances from one year to the next are clear indicators of the effort they make throughout the school year.


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