Technology Services

Technology Services

The objectives of the FNEC’s technology services are to promote and support the integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) in FNEC member schools and to ensure the coordination of technical support services that facilitate this integration.

The main files are:

Internet connectivity
The FNEC’s connectivity services ensure adequate and stable Internet access for all schools and the public sector. Thus, the FNEC covers the connection costs of the communities, as well as the support services.

The FNEC supports the deployment and maintenance of fibre optic networks and related equipment within its member communities through funding from the First Nations Infrastructure Fund. In addition, the FNEC works closely with the education representatives and technicians to ensure that projects and proposals meet their needs. Furthermore, the FNEC owns all of its fibre optic infrastructure, which allows us to offer, among other things: 

  • maintenance and repair services;
  • installation and expansion services;
  • technical services.

Support services
The helpdesk team meets all the needs of FNEC member schools. The team offers a whole range of services, for example: 

  • deployment and management of cybersecurity systems;
  • technical support by chat, telephone or email;
  • deployment and management of computers and tablets;
  • Cloud-based productivity software (Microsoft 365);
  • training and support. 

Complementary services
Additional services include, but are not limited to: 

  • IP telephony;
  • security cameras;
  •  access control systems;
  • training;
  • computer equipment purchasing (group purchasing advantages);
  • support for community projects.

Technical support service

Toll-free: 1-855-842-7672 #3500

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