First Nations Preschool
Curriculum 4-Year-Olds

In August 2019, the FNEC launched the First Nations Preschool Curriculum 4-Year-Olds.

The curriculum represents the hard work of teachers and education advisors on the kindergarten committee that have been diligently working on it since 2015. It is part of a broader collective effort uniting the strengths and expertise of all our members to build a school system that respects our culture, values and traditions. The objective of the curriculum is to ensure quality education for all of our students while promoting a smooth transition from home to school.

Areas of development

The First Nations K4 Curriculum also aims that all students have an equal opportunity to learn the same things and develop the same skills. Respecting our values, skills and know-how, the First Nations K4 curriculum is divided into 5 major areas of development each associated with specific competencies:

The areas

  1. Emotional development

    Builds and reinforces self-esteem

  1. Social development

    Establishes and maintains harmonious relationships with others

  1. Physical and motor development

    Increases and reinforces sensorimotor skills

  1. Language development and literacy

    Understands and communicates by exploring spoken and written language

  1. Cognitive development and numeracy

    Explores and discovers the world around him/her.


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