General Management

The management team and the communities—building a shared vision and collective strength

We are a team of quality education ambassadors, determined to do everything possible to carry out our mission. On your behalf, member communities, we are working hard to:

  • bring about an education system entirely under First Nations jurisdiction;
  • continually improve the quality of educational programs and services;
  • use the association’s efforts and resources to fulfill the mandates assigned to the FNEC by the general assembly;
  • promote the available educational services;
  • showcase First Nations success stories.

Our actions are based on the association’s values which are language and culture preservation, perseverance, collaboration and respect. We encourage partnership building by liaising with First Nations leaders and organizations that may affect our ability to accomplish our mission. We maintain lobbying and advocacy efforts with government authorities to ensure First Nations rights are upheld. We are also responsible for communications and internal management for the organization.

Mandates and Responsibilities


  • Promote educational programs, services and institutions
  • Manage the website and our social media presence
  • Organize events
  • Press relations
  • Publish the annual report
  • Internal communications


  • Prepare general assemblies
  • Prepare Finance and Administration Committee meetings
  • Create working groups
  • Follow-up on assembly and committee decisions
  • Representative and chief relations


  • Lobby provincial and federal governments
  • Consultation
  • Write and present briefs and position papers
  • Participate in events and organize forums



  • Administrative service and human resource management
  • Implement strategic planning





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Business hours

Monday to Friday
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Monday to Thursday
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