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Strategic Plan 2021-2026

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Words from the General Management


Kwe, Kuei, Kwey, Kwei, Kwaï, Qey, Gwe, Wachiya, Waachiya, Shé:kon, Metaloltiog, 

Planning cycles are important. They give us the opportunity to take stock of our progress, and reflect on where we’ve been to better decide on where we want to goThis is what First Nations Education Council member community representatives and FNEC staff members have been working on over the last year to develop the 2021-2026 strategic plan 

Before taking a look at the strategic planI think we should take a trip back in time to 1972 when the National Indian Brotherhood issued a statement of principles to the Canadian government titled Indian Control of Indian EducationThis statement was made as part of takeover process in the jurisdiction of First Nations education by First Nations. An updated version supported by the chiefs in 2010 is now titled First Nations Control of First Nations Education and reinforces the concept:  

First Nations control over education will provide the means to acquire the necessary skills to be self-empowered and self-sufficient and to maintain First Nations cultural values and languages. […] All peoples have the right to maintain their cultural and linguistic identities, and education is essential to actualizing this right. (Assembly of First Nations, 2010)  

The outcome of our collaborative efforts demonstrates our hope that this vision of the chiefs, and our leaders, past and present, will be achievedThe First Nations Education Council’s 2021-2026 strategic plan leverages the association’s fortitude and expertise, in addition to these 50 years of hard work by our predecessors to fully implement member community control over their education 

I am proud to present our 2021-2026 strategic plan made up of six orientations supporting local education governance and school systems that foster life-long learning, and strengthen local capacity and the well-being of learners. 

I would like to thank everyone who took part in framing this driving vision we all share! 


Denis Gros-Louis 
Director General